Contagious Social Media Content

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Contagious Social Media Content


Social media is driving more online traffic than ever. Don’t let your social media accounts collect dust when they could be collecting dollars.

  • 40 Facebook posts – view sample!
    • 20 written posts
    • 20 written posts with images
  • Holiday-themed posts (holiday season, Thxgiving, Father’s, Mother’s, Veteran’s, Indep.)
  • Service promotion posts with website links 
  • Valuable tip posts that illustrate your expertise

Frequently Ask Questions

Where do I get my images for blog and social media posts?

I only use royalty-free images from, and

How do I generate blog post titles for you?

I use SEO research tools to see what your target customer is already looking for online, and incorporate the keywords generating the most traffic into an attention-grabbing title.

Got a sample for the email marketing content you write?

Sure do, check it out here: (link)

What’s metadata?

Meta data is what a search engine displays on a search results page when your website is listed as a link. It includes the title (the part that gets clicks) and the description (the 150-some characters that fit beneath the title. I use traffic-generating keywords and hook words so you show up looking click-worthy.

What’s your communication style with clients?

I like to keep an open line of communication while working on your project. I’d rather ensure you like what you get rather than make corrections later. I work best by email, and I respond to messages within 24 hours on weekdays. You can leave a message in my inbox using my contact form on this site.


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