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About Me

Lindsay HaskellBusinesses today need high-quality digital content to engage their audiences. As a freelance writer, I possess the skills, expertise and professionalism to make it happen.

Here’s what I have to offer:

lindsay haskellWriting Prowess

I create engaging, well-structured and error-free content that captivates readers. With 10 years of writing for the Internet under my belt, I always write with SEO in mind. I’ve written copy for email marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and sales pages. What I’ve done more than anything is write on-brand blog posts, usually at 500 to 1500 words each. I can adjust my tone for different audiences, gather information from reliable sources and fact-check my writing. (Click here to see my writing portfolio).

Subject Matter Expertise

I work with businesses in the health and nutrition, fitness and lifestyle industries. Some of my clients include,,, Pediatric Associates of Dallas, The Nest and

A writer with knowledge in your subject area understands the nuances in your field and is more equipped to produce authoritative content. Because I work exclusively with wellness brands, I’ve been able to grow my expertise in writing for their audiences. I can present complex information in a clear and accessible manner and cite credible sources to back claims.lindsay haskell freelance writer

Professionalism and Reliability

I have a strong work ethic, communicate effectively with my clients and meet their deadlines consistently. I respond to queries within the same workday and ensure I understand all your expectations before I begin work. I listen to feedback and am always open to revisions, ensuring a smooth collaboration. I’m always learning and growing professionally by seizing opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge.