Lindsay Haskell is a freelance writer and editor, international globetrotter and conscious connoisseur of her own health. She’s put in over 10,000 hours of blog post writing in nearly a decade of crafting content for businesses in multiple sectors.

Lindsay’s an expert in strategizing, writing and editing B2B content, plus B2C content related to health, health tech, fitness, and beauty. Her work has been published on,,,, and more. She loves diffusing essential oils while writing about their chemical interactions in the brain, and she speaks cannabinoid from CBG to THCA. That said, she found her highest calling as a health writer.

She writes from a marketing perspective to an audience that exists, so her words never vanish into air. With SEO-optimized blog posts and articles that drive compelling calls to action, she helps businesses get real results from their content marketing campaigns. Get connected with Lindsay today to put your content in good hands.

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